More Than Fair Coffee

January 30, 2010

MoreThanFairOn Friday, January 29, 2010, Ron Cortez of Cortez Coffee and Steve Belt of Echo Coffee agreed that Echo Coffee would feature coffees from the More Than Fair Program.

What is More than Fair?† It is a direct trade program between select coffee growers, coffee roasters, and retailers, similar to Sweet Mariaís Farm Gate Coffee Program and Intelligentsiaís Direct Trade Program.† But More than Fair is more than just a direct trade program.† The programís transparent goal is to provide a solution for sustainability and continuing quality for the growers, roasters, and retailers of specialty coffee.† Sustainability starts with price paid to the farmer that is, quite frankly, more than fair (the comparison pricing being that paid by the Fair Trade Program).† In exchange for this higher price, the farmer is supported by the Program to maintain the highest quality coffee they can produce.

Price paid to the farmer and the quality control that those farms maintain are actually just the start of the More than Fair Program, however.† Itís a transparency to the entire process of producing excellent coffee in the cup.† Itís a fairness in the way employees are treated, the safety and working conditions of employees, support within the community, and of course, environmental sustainability.

We think the More than Fair Program fits perfectly within the goals of Echo Coffee to produce excellent coffee for our customers and we are thrilled to be able share those coffees with you.


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