Echo Coffee Philosophy: Local

March 23, 2010

local-target Today, we’ll describe what Local means to Echo Coffee.  This is the simplest, but with the advent of the internet, possibly the hardest tenet to abide by.  Whenever possible, support locally first. By working locally, we expect that opportunities will exist for supplier and consumer to benefit in ways far greater than simply the exchange of goods and services.

For green coffee, we exemplify this by working with Cortez Coffee in Tempe.  We could have worked with Royal Coffee in the Bay Area or Cafe Imports in St Paul.  Both great companies that each do business exactly the way we like our partners to work.  But being out of state, we wouldn’t have that personal relationship that you can only get when the relationship is cemented with a smile and a hand shake.

But Local means more than just sourcing from local suppliers.  It also means working locally to support and cultivate a tradition of excellent coffee.  We believe coffee can be great, and we want to promote and educate our local community what goes into making great coffee.  You may not have the resources to make great coffee yourself at home, but when you come into Echo Coffee, we’ll be glad to share with you what we do.  From the beans to the brewing methods, there won’t be anything we do that will be a secret from our community.

In the early 1990’s, the coffee scene in Arizona was dominated by Coffee Plantation, a locally owned and operated company.  For reasons of their own, the original owners chose to sell, which opened the door for Starbucks to gain entry into the Phoenix coffee market, which it dominates today.  Now Dunkin Donuts is working hard to gain a foothold.  We firmly believe, however, that a locally owned and operated coffee shop can provide the best product and service.

Local also means supporting our local community.  Most immediately, Echo Coffee is sponsoring RE BarCamp Phoenix on April 7, providing coffee for several hundred Realtors that are gathering to learn more about social media.

To summarize, we place a very high value on working locally first, even when it takes more effort.  Even when it costs more money.  We find the other benefits simply outweigh those costs.


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