Great Coffee Needs Great Water

March 25, 2010

SpectraPureIn Arizona, we are fortunate to have had great leaders in our past, like Barry Goldwater, with the vision to assure us of the water we need to grow and prosper.  Unfortunately, the Central Arizona Project (CAP) system results in water quality that is safe to drink, if not enjoyable to drink. In some parts of the valley, the sulfur smell coming from tap water is almost intolerable. Scottsdale has better than average water, but it still contains a great deal of Sulfur and Chlorine, along with other undesirable flavors.

Accordingly, it is very important that the water we use at Echo Coffee be as good as we can possibly make it. Enter SpectraPure. SpectraPure is literally a world leader in developing quality water systems for use in aquariums, laboratories, and fortunately for us, coffee shops.

Getting to know Charles Mitsis, the President of SpectraPure, his passion for quality coffee started in 1979, when he drank his first truly good tasting cup of coffee from a shop in Palo Alto. Charles knew good water was important, and has been working on his systems ever since. For Echo Coffee, the fact that SpectraPure is based right here in Tempe fits perfectly with our desire to support locally, first.

Echo Coffee will be using a 1000 gallon per day, “Commercial Coffee Lovers”, reverse osmosis water system from SpectraPure that has been designed to supply the water volume we need, be great tasting, safe for our brewing equipment, and limit waste water inherent in the RO process. We are pleased to be working with SpectraPure, and think you will be pleased with the water.  If the mood strikes, ask for a plain glass of water and taste it for yourself. We think you will also be pleased.


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