Support From Unexpected Sources

May 14, 2010

In my previous life as a REALTOR, cooperation was key.† In fact, back in 2008 on my real estate blog, I wrote about the importance of cooperation as a success criteria for a real estate agent.† While every real estate agent is essentially a small independent company, competing against every other agent, to succeed (and thus earn a living) cooperation amongst agents is essential.

As I embarked on my new career in the coffee business, a trend established, which I never, ever expected, but am indefinitely thankful for: Independent coffee shop owners are extremely willing to support each other.

You can see some evidence of this support scattered around the comments on this blog, but honestly, a comment is an easy thing.† The owners of these shops have literally taken time from their day, driven across town to Echo Coffee in Scottsdale, and spent an hour or three here talking coffee and sharing secrets that have made them successful in their local market.† Iím stunned by the free exchange of information and sincere offers to help.

So to get to the point of this post, I want to personally thank Ron Cortez of Cortez Coffee, Mike Funk of Firecreek Coffee, Joe Johnston and†David and Kiersten Traina of Liberty Market, Steve Kraus of Press Coffee, Jared of Sola Coffee, Jen and Brian of Cartel Coffee Lab, Steven of Steveís Espresso, and†Chad of Solo Coffee.

Each of these owners have taken time out of their busy schedules to help make Echo Coffee a better place.† Each has offered to help in the future in any way reasonable, and for that I am grateful.† I strongly believe that independent coffee shops in the Phoenix area can only benefit by supporting each other, and am extremely pleased to find so many like minded owners.† I know there are many more independent coffee shops throughout the valley that feel the same way, and am excited about the opportunity in the future to reach out to them.

Again, thank you.


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