What Kind of Coffee Do We Have?

June 20, 2010

Green and roasted coffee at Echo CoffeeWhen you visit the shop, you’ll notice that we don’t have a sign board that indicates the types of coffees that we offer.  This is by design, as we would prefer to have a discussion about what coffee flavors you like, and then marry those flavor preferences with the coffees we offer.  I’ve often wondered how useful it is to read, “today’s special brew: Guatemala”, as if every Guatemalan coffee tastes the same and every customer knows exactly what a Guatemalan coffee should taste like.  Certainly neither of those expectations can be true, so we use a different approach.

However, this blog gives us a viable platform to discuss the coffees that we currently offer.  To start, we roast 6 different coffees for sale at Echo Coffee. Each coffee/roast has a drink it was specifically designed and developed for, however, we will gladly alter the default choice for customers seeking a different flavor profile.

For drip coffee drinkers, the default choice is our Titus Blend. For the Titus blend, my #1 goal is drinkability. The coffee should be easy and pleasing to drink, and drinking one cup should make you want to drink a second cup (whether you need a second cup or not…that’s a different story). In developing the blend, I sought a balance between acidity and sweetness, with a slight slant toward sweetness, particularly chocolate notes. Currently, the Titus Blend is composed of beans from Kenya, Brazil, and El Salvador. However, the coffee origins in the blend will change throughout the season (the blend has already changed three times, since it was developed, due to origin coffees that are no longer available). Regardless of seasonality, I will do our very best to maintain a consistent flavor profile for the Titus Blend.

Unroasted (green) Kenyan CoffeeFor iced coffee drinkers, the default choice is a single origin Cameroon Boyo.  This coffee is certified 100% organic, and features a bright, citrus fruity taste, which I find refreshing for an iced coffee.  We brew it hot at double strength, then cool it, so that it isn’t diluted or weak when poured over iced.  Some people prefer this coffee hot, and it is available upon request as a drip coffee.

For straight espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino drinkers, the default choice is a single origin El Salvador Bourbon.  This amazing coffee is so round, complete, and complex it belies the fact that it is a single origin coffee.  The crema is sweet and thick, like chocolate butter, yet it presents a wonderful brightness and berry fruit flavor as well.

For latte drinkers, the default choice is our Titus Blend, roasted for espresso.  The Titus Blend shines in a latte, as the sweet, rich flavors are able to combine with the additional milk in a latte, and create a drink that seems disappear before you realize it.  As an espresso, the Titus Blend does tip more toward a sweet tooth lover’s drink, and for some it may be too sweet.  If you find the Titus Blend is too sweet in your latte, the El Salvador makes an excellent latte, while backing down the sweetness.  Likewise, some straight espresso and/or cappuccino drinkers find the Titus Blend to be their espresso of choice.  Either way, we’ll be happy to make your drink your way.

Roasted Cameroon Boyo CoffeeFor decaf drinkers, we offer a very good decaf from Brazil for both drip and espresso.  The very nature of decaf coffee means that it cannot have as complex and rich a flavor profile as a regular coffee, but we have found a decaf that seems to belie that common expectation.  Most decaf drinkers are amazed that, “it doesn’t taste like decaf.”  The flavor profile is a bit brighter and more acidic than the Titus or El Salvdor, while maintaining good body.  If you are in the mood for coffee, but don’t want the caffeine, it’s a worthy choice.

Finally, we offer the El Salvador Bourbon, in a lighter roast for drip coffee.  For those coffee purists seeking a wonderful single origin coffee, or those drip coffee drinkers that may find the Titus Blend just a little too sweet, this is an excellent choice.


One Response to “What Kind of Coffee Do We Have?”

  1. Dru Bloomfield on July 5th, 2010 5:37 am


    I love this explanation – goes to show how much attention you put into your coffee.

    If I have coffee in the afternoon, I do tend more towards decaf, and your decaf beans are excellent. I couldn’t believe I was drinking decaf, the first time I had a fresh cup at your place. So good that I’ve started buying them for home. (Missed you last time I was in!)

    Sounds like I need to do the same with your Titus Blend!