The Lunch Menu at Echo Coffee

June 4, 2010

You may not have noticed, but our entire menu is now available online.  The lunch menu is somewhat descriptive, but I thought I’d take a few words to add some information about the ingredients that make the lunch menu so fabulous.

First, the lunch menu is offered from 11am to 3pm.  Occasionally, we start lunch early, and likewise can sometimes offer things a little bit later, but our lunch menu is prepared by our chef Carylann Wootton, and when she isn’t around, the rest of us are ill prepared to duplicate her amazing skills.

Turkey and Brie sandwich at Echo CoffeeSecond, as you would expect, the items on the lunch menu are made fresh, right here at Echo Coffee.  We don’t buy pre-made sandwiches and salads from a kitchen down the road.  So of course, each sandwich or salad is made fresh to order.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

A great sandwich naturally starts with great bread.  We sampled a number of breads from local bakeries and by far, Simply Bread was superior.  If you would like a loaf of their amazing bread, they can be found at Old Town Farmer’s Market in Scottsdale.  We use their white bread, wheat bread, focaccia, and french rolls (baguette), which they deliver to us periodically throughout the week.

The meats within our sandwiches are primarily roasted here.  Once again, we sampled standard deli meats, and were not satisfied with the flavor, so we roast our own chicken, turkey, and pork. We were able to find a great salami, pepperoni, and ham (the ham being the most difficult to find).

Asian Chicken salad at Echo CoffeeThe greens for our salad are organic, fresh mixed greens.  We also make our own croûtons and roasted almonds for the salads.

For olive oil, we once again looked to the best and are pleased to be working with Queen Creek Olive Mill.  In the US, there probably isn’t a better olive oil, and it’s right here.

We are continually looking for additional fresh, local suppliers.  If that happens to be you, or someone you know, please stop by, call, or leave a comment.