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October 5, 2009

Comment Policy

So you are thinking about commenting, or perhaps already have commented on something we’ve written about here at the Echo Coffee Blog. First, thank you. We really want your comments. Part of the beauty of a blog is that it can be interactive. We can engage in a discussion, and through that discussion, develop an even deeper understanding for the topic at hand. So please do comment, and please accept our sincere thanks for taking the time to comment.

Some people, however, don’t comment in an appropriate way, and so we have put together this little comment policy to more clearly describe what an appropriate comment is.

To start, all comments are the opinion and thoughts solely of the person making the comment. If a comment appears here, the author of the post makes no claim to sharing that same opinion. The comment/opinion shall always remain that of the person leaving the comment.

The author of the post and/or the owners of Echo Coffee shall reserve the right to delete any comment at any time for any reason so deemed.

To this regard, some comments will always and immediately be deleted:

  1. Any comment that attempts to solicit business for another company. If you leave a comment that describes your coffee shop, food service business, restaurant, cleaning service, or other service/competing business, for the purpose of advertising that other business, it will be deleted. There are web sites for your advertisements, but this is not one of them.
  2. Any comment that attempts to create a back link to a non-coffee web site. With rare exception these comments are left simply to provide a free link to their own company. We allow do_follow links to those that leave comments that add to the discussion. Comments attempting to abuse that policy are deleted.
  3. Any comment that is a trackback to a splog. We abhor spam blogs.

We will also delete any comment that is purely designed to attack the character of either the author of the post or another person leaving a comment. You don’t have to agree with everyone’s opinion, but you are not allowed to attack the person. Attack the idea…just not the person.

When leaving a comment, the Name field shall always, and must always, be used to leave the name of the author of the comment. Leaving a business name in the name field will get your comment deleted. Also, if you place a “signature” which is simply another link to your business, you will probably get your comment deleted, unless we are feeling generous, and then we will edit out the offending link.

To summarize, comments left here are to further the discussion regarding the topics here. Linking out to your business, in a way that appears to add no value to the discussion at hand, will almost certainly get your comment deleted.


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